Infobahn: Our Clientele

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Government & Institutions:

  • Regional Municipality of Waterloo: If you are a resident of Waterloo Region, then we have exciting news for you!: Our regional government has been set up for e-mail courtesy of Infobahn Consulting. Some of the staff have taken our training course in Web page creation and their mills are now grinding out pages to tell the world all about our dot on the map.

  • The City of Cambridge: Infobahn Consulting has developed the official municipal Website for the City of Cambridge.

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Commerce & Industry:

  • Rideway Trucking (Kitchener): This cross-border load carrier has moved onto the Internet to promote their services in the busy Ontario to Michigan corridor. We hope there will soon be a few more trucks on the road carrying their name thanks to their new Web site.

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The Arts Community:

  • Trillium Arts (Ontario): Trillium Arts is a cooperative Web site for the artists of southwestern Ontario built by Infobahn Consulting both as a platform for the promotion of local talents and as an online consignment shop for the sale of their art. It brings together visual artistry and poetry to create the total illusion of the virtual reality experience. Now featuring the world-class talents of Ken Danby and Manfred Heine-Baux!

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Books and Magazines:

  • Kosmic Press (Toronto): An independent publisher of astrology and New Age titles.

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New Age Spirituality:

  • AquarianAge (Kitchener): Within three months of opening its gates to the world, this site became the busiest and most popular New Age Website in Canada. It is being built on the cooperative model by enthusiasts all over the planet who send in submissions of new material to be added to the collection. It is an optimal blend of education, entertainment, interactive experiences and marketing.

  • AstroCoach (New York): Professional site for a practising Jungian therapist and symbolic astrologer in New York City.

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Festivals and Agencies:

  • Wellesley Apple Butter & Cheese Festival (Wellesley): Twenty-one years old and still going strong, the Wellesley Festival hangs up an Open House sign on the whole village for one day each September and sees to it that its visitors get stuffed to the gunnels with that peculiar Ontario treat known as Apple Butter. What is apple butter? Write to them and find out!