[Stop Sign] You've come to the right place! This is Infobahn, and we are ready to put our seven years of Internet experience to work for you:
  • Intranets: Our favourite projects! Why just link to the Internet when you can plug into it and transform the way you do business for the next millennium? Call us, and we will be your guides in the design and implementation of your own Intranet project -- hardware, software and office applications.
  • Web Site Creation: To date, we have created almost 6000 pages and graphics for the Net. This tally does not include work done for corporate intranets which are, by definition, offline from the big Internet. See the links below for a tour of all online sites.
E-Mail: (admin@i-bahn.com)

[Sharp Right] How to Reach Us:
  • E-mail: (admin@i-bahn.com)
  • Telephone: 519.893.2962
  • Post: Box 25020, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. N2A 4A5

[Winding Road] JigBoxx Puzzles: This is a fully database-driven and user-centred e-commerce site devoted to jigsaw puzzles. Launched Autumn 2000.
E-Mail: (admin@jigboxx.com)

[Winding Road] AquarianAge: By far the largest New Age site in Canada, it is also easily among the largest half dozen such sites in the world. It is five years old now and still expanding. Skeptical? You'd be very surprised to learn who reads our pages .... :-)
E-Mail: (editor@aquarianage.org)

[Winding Road] Trillium Arts: Southern Ontario's premiere online art gallery. Come in and browse through works by some of Canada's best-known and best-loved artists: Ken Danby, Bruce Herchenrader, Manfred Heine-Baux, Elizabeth Sander, Joanne Boegel and others. Our gallery is also an experiment in the re-creation of three dimensional space on the Web. Walk through the gallery --- wall by wall, room by room --- and savour the sights.
E-Mail: (director@trillium-arts.on.ca)

[Winding Road] City of Cambridge: The southern corner of Canada's Technology Triangle (CTT) Region, with a high-tech manufacturing base which is a perfect counterpoint to Waterloo's high-tech research base. This is the City's official municipal website.



Clientele: We are available for work in person to anyone in southwestern Ontario in Canada --- and within the counties of Waterloo, Wellington, Perth, Oxford, Brant and Middlesex in particular, as well as Toronto and its suburbs --- but we have many clients situated in other parts of the world whom we have never met and never expect to meet.

[Under Construction] Here is where we announce our current projects. Drive by often to find out what's the up and coming attraction in your community:

[Slippery When Wet] Ethics on the Internet: Ethics on the Internet? Is there such a thing? Not yet, but there should be. In the near future, we will be presenting here an essay expounding what we believe to be the essential ethical tenets of doing business on the Internet. We are doing this because we believe that an educated consumer is our ally and because we are painfully aware that the common deceptions practised by a few are threatening to give a bad name to us all.

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